Pub Quiz Results Tuesday 12th October 2021

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Main Quiz

1st 387 Lord Hopper and the Gents
2nd 381 Dr Melfis prozac
3rd 338 Robinda Daveley and the rents
4th 321 m and s
5th 308 The Noggins
6th 304 Sticky Toffee Pudding
7th 301 We are 159 miles away
8th 294 Eaton Mess
9th 286 Lichfield Massive
10th 283 Lemon and Lime
11th 274 The Sopranos
12th 271 EV-ER-TON!!
13th 253 The Lampshades
14th 247 Quizzimodo
15th 239 The Spaghetti Hoops
16th 236 Simple Minds
17th 230 Looney Tunes
18th 226 Nemesis
19th 225 BizziLizzi
20th 211 Alan Partridges smelly cheese
21st 201 Andrew
22nd 194 clammy
22nd 194 Granny Smith
24th 180 Law of Woody
25th 179 Pabs
26th 91 Flabbergasted Thunderguts
27th 80 wolfpack
27th 68 Oak Deserters
27th 65 Luke’s hairline

Music Quiz

1st 106 Robinda Daveley and the rents
2nd 98 The Sopranos
3rd 97 Lord Hopper and the Gents
4th 88 Law of Woody
5th 86 Simple Minds
6th 82 Lemon and Lime
7th 74 m and s
8th 72 The Noggins
8th 72 Granny Smith
10th 68 Looney Tunes
11th 66 Andrew
12th 54 Quizzimodo
12th 54 Flabbergasted Thunderguts
14th 50 Eaton Mess
15th 48 Lichfield Massive
15th 48 clammy
15th 48 Nemesis
18th 44 The Lampshades
19th 42 The Coolest Guys Ever
20th 36 Luke’s bald fat head

Main Quiz

Music Quiz

Love The Quiz
Neil Carter
August 30, 2020

Love the quiz. Played it with the family throughout lockdown and beyond. Great fun! Simon is a good laugh.

Amazing quiz!
Courtney Hunston
May 7, 2020

Amazing quiz! such a laugh every thursday and sunday! great host, really friendly and funny! only £2 for the quiz guys 🙂 amazing value for money!Ruby’s biatches:)

Host is great and it’s a good laugh
Danny Tew
July 14, 2019

Best pub quiz around, done them in Liverpool and Chester, this is easy the best! Once you start going you’ll carry on, host is great and it’s a good laugh!

Love the pub quiz
Millie Hitchen
October 3, 2020

Love the pub quiz on a Sunday night which is very popular by people all around Chester and other areas.