Pub Quiz Results Tuesday 19th October 2021

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Main Quiz

1st 370 We are 159 miles away
2nd 358 Lord Hopper and the Gents
3rd 328 Granny Smith
4th 311 The Sopranos
5th 289 Lemon and Lime
7th 285 The Lampshades
8th 275 Sen
9th 255 BizziLizi
10th 247 Lethal quizzle
11th 244 wolfpack
12th 241 Cold Chips
13th 239 Andrew
14th 227 EV ER TON!!
15th 222 Quizzical Education
16th 211 Jelly
17th 203 Nemesis
18th 188 Simple Minds
19th 182 Eaton Mess
20th 176 Billy D 2
21st 167 Katie
22nd 155 rustynails
23rd 151 A council of Racoons
23rd 151 Billy D
25th 140 nop squad -pot noodle
26th 74 nop squad 2
27th 20 tom

Music Quiz

1st 108 the sopranos
2nd 105 wolfpack
3rd 74 Billy D
4th 66 Granny Smith
4th 66 Billy D 2
6th 62 Cold Chips
7th 60 Simple Minds
8th 58 Eaton Mess
9th 50 nop squad 2
9th 50 Lord Hopper and the Gents
11th 44 Andrew
12th 42 Quizzical Education
12th 42 The Lampshades
14th 36 A council of Racoons
14th 36 EV ER TON!!
16th 6 rustynails

Main Quiz

Music Quiz

Love The Quiz
Neil Carter
August 30, 2020

Love the quiz. Played it with the family throughout lockdown and beyond. Great fun! Simon is a good laugh.

Amazing quiz!
Courtney Hunston
May 7, 2020

Amazing quiz! such a laugh every thursday and sunday! great host, really friendly and funny! only £2 for the quiz guys 🙂 amazing value for money!Ruby’s biatches:)

Host is great and it’s a good laugh
Danny Tew
July 14, 2019

Best pub quiz around, done them in Liverpool and Chester, this is easy the best! Once you start going you’ll carry on, host is great and it’s a good laugh!

Love the pub quiz
Millie Hitchen
October 3, 2020

Love the pub quiz on a Sunday night which is very popular by people all around Chester and other areas.